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Greek Ceramic Tile Mural
William Adkins

I will be take several photographs and videos throughout my trip. I’m also hoping to record interview of the locals as well as my fellow travelers.

Rights and Needs of Ancient and Modern Peoples
Weslyn Smith

I will observe the citizens of the different countries and ask local guides and our CEO questions regarding daily life in the various countries.

Interaction of India/Nepal and China
Stephen Boyce

I will be witnessing and documenting the social environment and living conditions that form the context of religious belief and practice as well as the conditions which give rise to revolutionary movements.

Greek and Minoan Art
Simone Kivett

During the trip I will take notes, sketch, and take lots of photos of things I see along the tour that I think will be beneficial to show my students. I hope to learn about the local artists and crafts that Greek people make and look for the hidden architectural gems of Greece. During the […]

Human Effects on Alaskan Wildlife
Sally Murphy

I will take many photographs, document the details of the trip, conduct research through note-taking, observations, and review publications from multiple sources before, during, and after the trip. If possible, I will speak to a researcher (or more than one) while in Alaska, or alternatively, I will inquire about a virtual interview with scientists in […]

Sustainability in Tanzania
Rosemary Conroy

Take lots of pictures and ask lots and lots of questions to gain a better understanding of the challenges the community faces.

Manmade Structures

I will gather information and take pictures of a variety of Egyptian structures. I will focus on examples of specific design features related to their stability and their function as well as how forces have impacted these structures over time. I will look for examples of internal forces as well as external forces that are […]

Scottish Intersectionality
Raymond Temeyer

I will try local cuisine and take lots of photos to relate back to my students

Demographic Data in Vietnam and Cambodia
Peggy Stetsko

I am going to collect ideas of the demographic categories that my students might choose to explore in regards to Vietnam and/or Cambodia.

Darwin’s Social/Cultural Impacts
Nathan Richardson

I need to pay close attention to any information related to my topics of interest.

Obesity in the Developing World
Mariel Rancel

During the trip, I will document local diet, health care, and cultural attitudes around health. My students will make connections to these trends and attitudes about health in their own community.

Climate Issues in Greece vs. U.S.
Maria Ives

I will visit museums to learn more about Greek scientific inquiry and how that inquiry influenced Western civilizations. I will take photographs and collect information about climate.

Colonization and Islam in Africa
Lynne Lundberg

I will photograph (when culturally appropriate), purchase artifacts, and take notes on my two main topics.

Green Energy in Iceland
Lexa Speth

I need to be prepared to ask questions to the citizens of Iceland about green policies when opportunities arise and to find opportunities to view and visit any green energy operations while traveling.

Venn Diagram: American and Egyptian Cultures
Laurie Raben

I will keep a diary/journal record of our daily experiences.

Coastal Areas
Kimberly Mirsky

I will have to map out our free time to make sure I am experiencing some of Iceland’s lighthouses to discover their history so students can compare and contrast lighthouses we have studied reflective of the state we live in with the lighthouses in Iceland. Video clips may be taken during a tour of a […]

Galapagos Ecology and Culture
Kim Goldsmith

I will take pictures, collect pamphlets, websites, and other relevant artifacts that will support the lessons I teach when I return.

Digital Design: The Galapagos Islands
Kenna Teel

Take lots of pictures, learn as much as possible about the economy and tourism in Galapagos, and study the interaction between tourists and locals.

Global Warming in Alaska
Karen Goff

Take pictures of glaciers and take notes on the information I learn about the changes that have occurred to them.

Mathematical Modeling in Morocco
Jeff Avigian

Research all cities we are going to and find out customs, laws and many other norms so I am not an ignorant American when I visit.