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Helpful information for getting the most out of your trip

Recommended Reading

Know before you go

GEEO’s book club is a way for our participants to learn through literature about the places they will be traveling. For each trip we have selected four books we suggest each participant read. It is completely up to the participant whether they choose to read them as the GEEO book club is not required for our participants. We hope they will enjoy the books we have selected and they will enhance their experience.

Lesson Plans

share your experience with your students

GEEO asks that each educator participant traveling with us create a classroom action for how they will share their GEEO overseas experience with their students. Sometimes this can be a simple lesson plan and other times this can be a program that stretches throughout the school year. GEEO provides some sample lesson plans.

GEEO Travel Blog

We have assembled these useful articles as well entries from educators that have traveled with us. These will help you decide where to travel, save money and get the most out of your travel experiences.

Looking for Grant and Funding Advice?

GEEO is trying to make travel as affordable as possible for educators.