Sharing Your Adventure

Our Education Plan

We at GEEO believe that teachers wield the most influence in developing an outward-looking citizenry. Sending teachers on trips abroad is just the first step in this process. When teachers return to their classrooms, we ask them to share their experiences with their students.

Our Curriculum Development Team has put together a program that teachers can implement and customize to fit their needs. Please take a look at our education plan to learn about this process.

  1. After signing up for a GEEO program, submit a brief action plan for bringing your GEEO experience into the classroom. We have examples of action plans on our lesson plan database. If you are traveling with GEEO, please click here to submit your action plan.
  2. Enhance your knowledge about your GEEO destination. Our book club is a way for you to have a shared educational experience with other members of your group. Our Pinterest page is an ever-growing source of lesson plans, travel tips, and interesting articles. These resources will give you a basic understanding of customs, history, culture, current events, etc. before arriving at your destination, which puts everything into context and allows for a deeper experience.
During the program
  1. While abroad on your GEEO program, you will discuss your action plans with your fellow travelers. We hope new ideas will emerge, enriching all of your action plans.
  2. You will have the opportunity to make connections with locals, take lots of photos, and collect firsthand knowledge and artifacts about your destination’s culture and customs. All of this will enrich your classroom action plan upon your return.
After traveling
  1. Present a 20-minute Google Earth presentation to all of your classes that describes your GEEO experience. We will send you a ready-to-use presentation that you can customize to fit your personal experience and make it appropriate for your students’ ages and the subject matter being taught.
  2. Follow your pre-trip action plan and incorporate your experience abroad into your curriculum.