Scottish Intersectionality

Contributor :

Raymond Temeyer

Action Plan

I will try local cuisine and take lots of photos to relate back to my students

Pre-Departure Preparation

I teach AP world history and the history of race and ethnicity in the USA. Scottish history has an interesting relationship with the US. While in many cases in the target of British imperialism, they can also in many ways be seen as full partners in British imperialism both in helping carrying out the slave trade as well as being conscripted into British armies to help subjugate people. One thing I teach in my class is intersectionality, it would be interesting to include a unit on Scottish history when relating it to the United States and comparing that to Scottish, Irish, and African history

Preparation During Travel

I will study the Jacobite wars and rebellions to see their influences on the formation of the United States, as well as Scottish cultural influences on the US