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References & Media

Over 2400 educators have traveled with GEEO since we ran our first programs in 2008. We have had an overwhelmingly positive response to quality, value and life changing experiences that we provide.

To read comments from past travelers, please feel free to visit a website that reviews non-profit organizations called Great Non-profits. Please click here for those reviews.

Please contact us if you would like to communicate with some of our former participants for a reference.

Articles about GEEO

Here are a few articles about GEEO and the adventures that our participants have had:

  • Click here to read an article in the New Jersey Education Association Review about two trips Darcey Brooten took with GEEO.
  • Click here to read about the GEEO travel experience, by Kid World Citizen.
  • Click here to read an article published by the California Teachers Association about Barbara Summey’s travels to Morocco in 2015.
  • Click here to read about Mark Anderson’s trip to Peru in 2012, featured in EdCal.
  • Click here to read about Stella Evans and Jill Szymanski’s trip to Vietnam in 2012, featured in DSEA Action! on page 24 of the October 2012 issue.
  • Click here to read about Martha Hutson’s trip to Southern Africa in 2010, featured on Mississippi College’s website.
  • Click here to read the The Importance of Learning About World Heritage (Making Connections) – Global Philadelphia Association.