Colonization and Islam in Africa

Contributor :

Lynne Lundberg

Action Plan

I will photograph (when culturally appropriate), purchase artifacts, and take notes on my two main topics.

Pre-Departure Preparation

My goal is to deepen my students’ understanding of the role of colonization and cultural shifts on people in Africa. My school has a fairly diverse student population, but the choices in curriculum often result in major gaps in student knowledge about Africa. My experience in the past has shown that students are eager to apply deeper understandings of the cultures we explore in class and that students respond to deeper engagement with cultures by becoming more tolerant of those who experience different traditions, by becoming more curious, and by exercising the critical thinking skills more deeply when they encounter opinions about those traditions. I will focus on two main topics: 1) the impact of Roman, Spanish, and French colonization on local communities, and 2) the impact of Islam on Northern Africa. The first topic will enrich the unit on early Empires and the unit on colonization of Africa, while the second will provide detailed examples for the unit on the Roots of Faith.

Preparation During Travel

I will research the Roman ruin we will visit. I will research the topics I plan to learn about. When I arrive in Casablanca (before the tour starts), I will visit the mosque(s) there, to the extent that it is possible, given cultural restrictions and Covid protocols.