Graduate & Professional Development Credit

GEEO has developed a multi-tiered system to ensure that both teachers and their students receive as much educational benefit as possible from our travel programs. The educational and for-credit components of the program were developed by GEEO staff in consultation with professional educators with expertise at all levels, ranging from elementary to graduate-level education.

We award professional development certificates at the end of the program to every participant, at no cost. Every state has different rules on professional development credit, so the amount of credit an educator receives for participating in one of our programs varies.

Participants can also enroll in an accompanying online graduate credit course through Southern New Hampshire University. The graduate credit course is completely optional and only for classroom teachers that wish to earn graduate credit in relation to participating in one of our programs. Registration and payment for the credit course are separate and in addition to registration and payment for the GEEO program fee. Credit course participants enrolled in a graduate program must confirm in advance that the credit will be accepted by their degree granting institution’s program as no refunds will be made on the basis of inability to transfer credit.

For a more detailed course description and registration information, please follow this link.

Here is a brief summary of the graduate credit course:


$600 for 3 graduate credits

Full application/payment/registration begins:

Rolling. This is flexible.

Full application/payment/registration deadline:

Rolling. This is flexible.

Coursework submission deadline:

December 1st for Summer Break programs; June 1st for Winter and Spring programs

Responsibilities before departure:
Responsibilities during travel portion of the program:
  • Participate in curriculum discussion group meeting where you can further develop or redesign your classroom action plan
  • Keep a blog or diary while abroad on the program
Responsibilities after travel portion, when back in the classroom:
  • Present Google Earth presentation to your classes (GEEO will give you a fully scripted presentation to use; All you need to do is present it)
  • Enact classroom action plan
  • Fill out GEEO’s education reporting survey, found here:
Coursework that must be submitted at deadline:
  • Word Document with 10 interesting things or memorable experiences from the travel portion of the program
  • Example materials from your classroom action plan activity, such as student work, worksheets, etc.
  • Word Document that briefly explains how your classroom activity ties into three State or National standards
  • Photo of participant giving Google Earth presentation