Our Mission

GEEO is a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging and assisting as many teachers as possible to travel abroad and then share their experiences with their students upon returning to the classroom.

Understanding the world around us has never been more important. For most of us, that understanding begins at an early age, in the classroom. Students are looking to their teachers for knowledge about a world that is not yet part of their own lived experience. By spending time abroad, forming international relationships and exploring overseas environments, teachers gain fresh perspectives that deeply enrich their students’ learning and global awareness.

GEEO believes encouraging teachers to travel is the best way to equip youth with the knowledge needed to ensure a strong, positive global cooperation in the future. Our teachers often have the time and the desire to travel; we will help to make sure they have the means.

GEEO does the following:
  1. Establishes long-term relationships in the education community as a well-known, trusted organization that provides opportunities for teachers to travel.
  2. Provides a long-term, worldwide educational resource for teachers wishing to broaden their global perspectives and relationships.
  3. Partners with other NGOs and Universities on mutually reinforcing projects and programs.
  4. Offers teachers incentives to travel internationally that include professional development credits, graduate credits as well as grants and scholarship subsidies for the cost of travel.
  5. Makes goodwill ambassadors out of teachers by enabling cross-cultural experiences.
  6. Ensures that teachers share the excitement and knowledge gained from their travel with tested curricula.
  7. Encourages teachers to educate their students about the opportunities to study and travel abroad while attending university, during their summer vacations, or before entering college.
  8. Helps the next generation of youth become more outward-looking and dedicated to improving the world around them.