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Action Plan

I will gather information and take pictures of a variety of Egyptian structures. I will focus on examples of specific design features related to their stability and their function as well as how forces have impacted these structures over time. I will look for examples of internal forces as well as external forces that are both natural (e.g., evidence of erosion and weathering) and the result of human activity (e.g., impacts of tourism). Finally, I will also gather information and take pictures of the geographical features of the country.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I will use gained knowledge and observations of (ancient) Egyptian structures to enhance and illustrate science curriculum that focuses on the form and function of structures, and their ability to withstand external and internal forces over time. I will also make connections to the geography curriculum in relation to how structures are impacted by natural processes (e.g., erosion, climate) as well as analyzing the natural geographical features of a specific global area (e.g., landforms, water systems).

Preparation During Travel

I will research the variety of structures and natural geographical features of the areas we will have the opportunity to explore.