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What Is a GEEO Trip Like

Inexpensive and adventurous

Our trips should be affordable to most teachers. Please don’t sign up for our programs expecting luxury, unless you sign up for one of our comfort class trips. Most nights will have you staying in a simple yet clean twin-share hotel or lodge room with private facilities, complete with running water and electricity. Occasionally, you may have a multi-share night at rustic local guesthouses, with communal bathrooms and the sporadic cold shower. Some of our programs even have camping. Transportation will be a combination of public transport, private buses, and private vehicles. Check the individual itineraries for details.

Freedom to explore

Our programs tend not to include many pre-paid meals and activities. We want you to have the freedom to make these choices. Large group buffet dinners are typically not the best way to learn about a country’s cuisine. On a typical day, you will arrive at a location, be checked into the hotel, and have an orientation from your tour leader. They will tell you what activities and restaurants they recommend. The group will then break up into smaller groups doing the things they want to do. Of course, our trips do often include major “can’t miss” activities in the price of the trip. Each of our trips clearly list these in the “What’s Included” section.

Structure without hassle

We also try to take the stress out of travel. With GEEO, all of your accommodation and transport is arranged for you in advance. You will have a tour leader with you escorting you from location to location, answering your questions, and helping you explore the region. Our groups are made up of fellow teachers, so you will have 6 to 16 other people with whom to share your adventure.

What our customers say

  • I have traveled to 24 different countries on eleven tours with GEEO. This international experience has brought an authenticity to my lessons while enabling me to build a strong foundation of global competencies in my students. These global competencies are vital for any young person hoping to make their way in today’s global society. This global perspective has become a cornerstone in my teaching and resulted in an enthusiastic support from my administration. GEEO and international travel has defined who I am as a teacher.

    William Adkins
    Art Teacher
  • GEEO is absolutely wonderful! After taking my first trip with them to Ireland, I would recommend them to anyone and will certainly be traveling with GEEO in the future. The experience was absolutely fantastic! The professional yet personal service provided by the GEEO team, the tour itself with partner G-Adventures (phenomenal tour company, btw), and the connections made with other teachers on the trip made for an incredible experience. Also, the way the trip is set up, you are able to learn so much more about the area than if you were to simply plan your own trip. (And why hassle with all that planning when it’s already done for you at a great price?) When I returned to the classroom, I had fellow teachers ask me how I learned so much on a 10-day trip, and my students love hearing about the trip and are much more engaged in lessons when I “sneak” in something from my Ireland GEEO trip. I was able to build a entirely new Myths, Legends, and Tales unit for my Reading class based on Irish myths and legends, and reinforced my Earth Science unit with what I’d learned while visiting the Cliffs of Moher and other sites. My students love it and are always curious to know more. Sharing my experience inspires them to learn about other cultures, encourages them to explore and to be compassionate global citizens. It’s also an added bonus that you receive professional development credit – this is how PD for teachers should be all the time! Plus, the connections you make with fellow teachers is priceless. Thank you GEEO for making travel for teachers not only possible, but an enriching experience!

    Bri Bailey
    6th grade Reading/Language Arts & Science Teacher
  • I have traveled to over 50 countries and have always been hesitant about traveling with tour groups. This past June I took a chance with GEEO to finally go to India and Nepal, both had been on my short list of dream trips for many years. My experience exceeded my expectations. I was very impressed with all aspects of the trip, from the pace of the itinerary to the choice of places to be visited to our wonderful tour guide. I am accustomed to being in control of my travels, but from the first meeting on day 1, I was able to let go and put the trip in the hands of the very capable professionals of GEEO. I hope to have many more experiences with this group in the future.

    Mary Muenster
    High School Geography Teacher
  • If you had all the time and money you needed, where would YOU like to travel? I ask this question of people wherever I travel. My wife and I are both teachers and one of the great perks is TIME. A friend recommended we check out GEEO, and in 2016 we went to Iceland. We were impressed. The trip was invigorating, educational, and fulfilling. We have traveled to six continents independently and with several different groups. Wish we had gone with GEEO earlier and plan to again. One is always cautious with “promises on the internet.” With GEEO you get exactly what is promised!

    Rod Smith
    High School Science Teacher
  • I traveled to India and Nepal on my first trip with GEEO. I am not much of a tour-type traveler, preferring to go my own way and travel off the beaten path. This tour, however, was perfect for me. Traveling with teachers who wanted to know India and Nepal meant that we had instant connections in our group. Nobody had unrealistic expectations, and we all took each unexpected event as a new adventure and a chance to get to know the culture. Everyone in our group, including those who have been on many tours, agreed that our guide was amazing. He was not pushy, met everyone’s needs, remained flexible, and taught us anything we wanted to know about the places we visited. My overall experience with GEEO was outstanding, including the communication before, during, and after the trip. All of my questions were answered promptly. I would highly recommend GEEO.

    Tim Flanagan
    Language Arts and Social Studies Teacher
  • I have gone on five trips with GEEO: Madagascar, Vietnam, Peru, Morocco, and Israel. I love the balance of being on a tour, yet given the space to be on your own. The guides have all been amazing – knowledgeable and bend-over-backwards accommodating. The trips are a perfect mix of seeing the sites and going off the beaten path. If you have questions or concerns about your trip, emails get answered almost immediately. I always come home in awe of the country I’ve been to and looking forward to booking my next trip.

    Michele Lazar
    Elementary School Teacher
  • I’ve been on 2 GEEO tours now (Northern India & Myanmar) and they were both amazing! Saw so much more of each country thanks to the knowledgeable, friendly, and engaging guides. Great itineraries, too, and love the focus on education. I 100% recommend GEEO!

    Dave Marshall
    High School History Teacher