Greek and Minoan Art

Contributor :

Simone Kivett

Action Plan

During the trip I will take notes, sketch, and take lots of photos of things I see along the tour that I think will be beneficial to show my students. I hope to learn about the local artists and crafts that Greek people make and look for the hidden architectural gems of Greece. During the trip I will immerse myself in the culture by talking to locals which will provide me with stories to tell my students.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I am an elementary art teacher who teaches grades PreK-5 plus special education classes. I hope to teach my students about the culture, history, architecture, art history, pottery/ceramics, and art from ancient and modern Greece. I plan to take a lot of photos and document different forms of art and architecture that I encounter along the trip. I hope to incorporate teaching about the Minoan civilization from my experience on the tour in Crete. I will show my students a slideshow of my experiences of the trip including food, religion, culture, art, ancient sites, and pottery from the different areas we visit. I will use a small sketchbook to document what I see with drawings and notes.

Preparation During Travel

I will research the Minoan culture and Ancient Greek culture and history by reading books about it and look at various websites. The Acropolis site and museums in Athens will prepare me to gather information for teaching a unit on Greece to my students.