Mathematical Modeling in Morocco

Contributor :

Jeff Avigian

Action Plan

Research all cities we are going to and find out customs, laws and many other norms so I am not an ignorant American when I visit.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I plan on keeping track of the following to share and incorporate into my lessons next year *Keep a record of prices for food and material objects. Learn about other major expenses and what is covered by the government *Keep track of currency exchange, budgeting, preparing a travel plan and prioritizing between wants and needs and how that affects the budget *Compare the minutes of daylight from this trip using different forms of modeling and use this information to model the sunlight sinusoidally. *Record the effect the heat of the sun in Morocco has on my health and compare that to my “base” health back in the states. *Look at population growth/decay in cities I am visiting and model them exponentially *Observe the effect the pandemic had on the economy

Preparation During Travel

Some of the above will require a before and after data set so I will be gathering some of the information before I leave