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Extra Services

Extra Services

Our tour operator G Adventures are often able to book extra services for our guests, such as pre and post hotel nights, as well as airport transfers. These are services they offer as a convenience to you. While G Adventures do not charge a high premium for these services, we have found that it is often cheaper to book these services yourself. Below you will find a spreadsheet with pricing for these extra services along with the “My Own Room” option.

Airport transfers, where you are met at the airport by a person with your name on a sign, tend to cost roughly twice the amount of an airport taxi. An airport transfer can be very comforting when are arriving late at night in a country where you do not speak the language.

For hotels, online websites (such as, Expedia, Priceline, etc) or booking directly through the hotel, tend to get you better prices than G Adventures is able to offer. Sometimes much better prices! If you book through one of these websites or directly through the hotel, they also often have more lenient cancelation policies than G Adventures can offer. If you wish to book the hotel yourself, please take a look at the spreadsheet below for the hotels we are scheduled to use. Keep in mind, sometimes G Adventures changes the post or pre hotels that we use on our programs. In that case, you may have to a taxi between the old hotel that you booked yourself and the new starting hotel.

There are three advantages to booking through G Adventures. First, It may be more convenient for you to book it through G Adventures than through a website. Second, if G Adventures changes our starting or ending hotel, they will also move your pre or post nights to the new hotel. This way you won’t have to change hotels on location. Third, G Adventures cannot book airport transfers for people that book pre-hotel nights themselves. This is due to their insurance only being able to cover uninterrupted services under their umbrella.

We give you all of this information so that you can be an informed consumer.

Please keep in mind that G Adventures does sometimes raise the pricing of extra services during the year so we cannot guarantee these prices until you book the services. PLEASE WAIT UNTIL 90 DAYS BEFORE DEPARTURE BEFORE BOOKING EXTRA SERVICES, OTHER THAN THE SINGLE SUPPLEMENT WHICH CAN BE BOOKED AS SOON AS YOU SIGN UP FOR YOUR GEEO TRIP. To book extra services, please email at which time we will confirm the price with G Adventures and book the service for you. Here is the current information on pricing that we have:

Program NameSingle RoomPre-Night HotelPost-Night HotelTransfers Per Person
Moorish Spain w/ UT Austin$529Hotel Madfor, Single $180, Twin $198Hotel AA Viladomat/Barcelona, Single $135, Twin $157N/A
Caribbean Colombia$489Hotel Don Pedro de Heredia/Cartagena, Single $85, Twin $85Hotel Tayromar/Santa Marta, Single $35, Twin $45N/A
IATHS Costa Rica$1,139“Hotel Radisson San Jose/San Jose, Single $95,Twin $95”“Hotel Radisson San Jose/San Jose, Single $95,Twin $95”N/A
Portugal$279Residencial Florescente Lisbon , Single $105, Twin $150N/AN/A
Camino de Santiago – Spring$369N/AN/A1=$130, 2=$65, 3=$45, 4=$40
Morocco Group 1- Summer$389Hotel Campanile- $80 Single, $100 TwinHotel Gomassine- $80 Single, $90 TwinAirport to Hotel, 1=$65, 2=$35, 3=$30, Marrakech Hotel to Airport, 1=$165, 2=$85, 3=$55
NCTA Japan$1,800The B Ikebukuro Tokyo- Single $115, Twin $185The B Kyoto Sanjo- Single $191, Twin $2271=$70
Japan$1,800The B Ikebukuro Tokyo- Single $115, Twin $185The B Kyoto Sanjo- Single $191, Twin $2271=$70
Camino de Santiago$569Hotel Europa – Book yourselfA Tafona do Peregrino-Single: 85.00 Twin: 100.001=130.00 2=65.00 3=45.00 4=40.00
QFI Jordan$369Landmark Amman Hotel Single $75.00 Twin, $80.00Landmark Amman Hotel Single $75.00 Twin, $80.001=$65 2=$35 3=$25
Central Europe$899Ibis Berlin -Single: 100.00 Twin: 115.00Star Inn Hotel Budapest Centrum-Single: 70.00 Twin: 80.001=85.00 2=45.00
Egypt w/ Portland State- Summer$919Mercure Le Sphinx: Single $90.00 Twin: $117.00Mercure Le Sphinx: Single $90.00 Twin: $117.00Included
Galapagos- Summer$649Hotel Mercure Quito- $105 Single, $100 Twin,Triple $105Hotel Mercure Quito- $105 Single, $100 Twin,Triple $1051=$70 2= $35 3= $25
Vietnam/Cambodia Group 1$499Bonne Nuit Hotel- $45 Single/TwinHotel Royal Bangkok at Chinatown- $55 Single/Twin1=$37, 2=$22
Multi-Stan$679De’Mar Hotel – 85.00 Single/TwinHotel Uzbekistan – $75 Single, $100 Twin1=$28, 2=$14, 3=$10, 4+=$8
Peru- Summer$299Hotel Santa Cruz- $80 Single, $80 TwinHotel Santa Cruz- $80 Single, $80 Twin2 = $20, 1 = $35, 3=$15 4=$10
Armenia and Georgia Group 1$719Ibis Yereven Center Single $115.00 Twin: $120.00Hotel Astoria Tbilisi- Book yourself1=$45, 2=$25, 3=$15
Southern Africa$559Explorers Village Lodge Single: $90.00 Twin: $110.00Inn on the Square: Single: $60.00 Twin: $90.00$10.00
Maldives w/ UT Austin- Summer$639N/AChampa Central: Single: $135.00 Twin: 160.00 Triple: $190.00N/A
Bhutan$759Khang Residency Thimphu: Single: $245.00 Twin: 485.00Metta in Paro: Single: $270.00 Twin: 540.00Included
Jordan w/ UNC-Duke$359Signature Hotel Amman- Single: $70.00 Twin: $75.00Signature Hotel Amman- Single: $70.00 Twin: $75.001=$65 2=$35 3=$25
Balkans$999Star Inn Hotel Budapest Centrum – Single: 120.00 Twin: 130.00Hotel PAX Split- Book YourselfN/A
Budapest to Bulgaria$599Ibis Budapest City South- Book YourselfSt. George Hotel- Sofia Book yourselfN/A
Bill Howe’s Australia$2,119.00The Hotel Cairns: Single/Twin 135.00Travelodge Hotel Sydney: Single/Twin 175.00N/A
Bangkok to Hanoi w/ U Michigan$379Hotel Royal Bangkok- $55 Single/TwinBonne Nuit Hotel – $45 Single/Twin1=$40, 2=$20
Morocco Group 2 w/ U Michigan$389Hotel Campanile- $80 Single, $100 TwinHotel Gomassine- $60 Single, $65 Twin3=$20 2=$25 1=$50
Armenia and Georgia Group 2$719Ibis Yereven Center Single $115.00 Twin: $120.00Hotel Astoria Tbilisi- Book yourself1=$45, 2=$25, 3=$15
Ireland w/ UT Austin$899The Fleet Street Hotel – Single $258, Twin $263N/AN/A
Greece$619Jason Inn Hotel- Book YourselfPorto Perissa Hotel – Single: 110.00 Twin: 120.00N/A
Baltics$689Comfort Hotel LT- Book on ownHotel Arthur- Book yourselfN/A
C-GEO Tanzania$459Outpost Lodge Arusha: Single: $70.00 Twin: $90.00TBATBA
Morocco Group 3$389Hotel Campanile- $80 Single, $100 TwinHotel Gomassine- $60 Single, $65 Twin3=$20 2=$25 1=$50
India and Nepal Group 1$549Hotel Justa Greater Kailash- $105 Single/TwinHotel Traditional Comfort- $113 Single/TwinIncluded
India and Nepal Group 2 w/ UW-Madison$549Hotel Justa Greater Kailash- $105 Single/TwinHotel Traditional Comfort- $113 Single/TwinIncluded
Ethiopia w/ U Wisconsin-Madison$899Azzeman Hotel – Single $95, Twin $120Azzeman Hotel – Single $95, Twin $120Included
Iceland Northern Lights$399KEA Storm- book yourselfKEA Storm- book yourselfN/A
Gal├ípagos – Winter$649Hotel Mercure: Single: 100.00 Twin/Triple $105.00Hotel Mercure: Single: 100.00 Twin/Triple $105.001=$70, 2=$35, 3=$25
Egypt Upgraded- Winter$919Mercure Le Sphinx: Single- $90.00 Twin: $117.00Mercure Le Sphinx: Single- $90.00 Twin: $117.00Included
Thailand$979The Grand Sathorn- $59 Single/TwinThe Grand Sathorn- $59 Single/Twin1=$40, 2=$20
Moorish Spain- Winter$499Hotel Madfor- Book YourselfAA Viladomat- Single: $135.00 Twin: 157.00N/A
Mt. Kilimanjaro Trek$319Stella Maris Lodge: Single $85.00 Twin: $105.00Stella Maris Lodge: Single $85.00 Twin: $105.00N/A
W Trek$99Hotel Captain Eberhard: Single/Twin: 85.00Hotel Captain Eberhard: Single/Twin: 85.00N/A
Mayan Mexico w/ U Arizona$339V10 Hote- Book on OwnV10 Hote- Book on Own1= $85, 2=$45, 3=$30