Greek Ceramic Tile Mural

Contributor :

William Adkins

Action Plan

I will be take several photographs and videos throughout my trip. I’m also hoping to record interview of the locals as well as my fellow travelers.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I have already begun my blog. www.bomla2greece.blogspot.com I have also written a $2000 grant to fund a variety of projects when I return to the classroom next year. These project include the creation of an International Culture Gauge which students will use to record their impressions of Greece before we begin our studies and again at the end of the year. These not only serve as a demonstration of learning but, can often reveal cultural stereotypes. Another project I call "My Great Adventure" project encourages my students to go somewhere or do something they have never done before and document their "adventure" in a short video, PowerPoint, or graphic novel. Their adventures might include going to their first school dance or as simple as trying a new food. Each year I also work with my students to create a high-relief, ceramic tile mural documenting my destination. This year it will be Greece. They will use photograph I have taken and reference my blog as they design the mural using PhotoShop. Students at all grade levels will then be able to take part in various stages of the mural's creation.

Preparation During Travel

I have already begun my blog. www.bomla2greece.blogspot.com It includes several short video lessons presented by other teachers on my campus in other content areas.