Icelandic Culture

Contributor :

Eva K Sullivan

Action Plan

I will research in advance and speak to locals about their surface culture – food, music, art, holidays, and other traditions. Since we will be in Iceland on July 4th, this will be an easy way to share something about American history/ culture while asking locals to discuss unique qualities of Icelandic culture (is everyone a Viking?!). I will prepare by listing some questions/ possible confusion that American students might have. I will bring some 4th of July decorations and learn more about their own independence from Denmark (celebrated June 17) ~

Pre-Departure Preparation

I will be supporting English Language Learners in Honors English 12 this year. Our focus is on global studies as we navigate colliding cultures, faith and beliefs, and gender roles. I will be exploring Icelandic culture in order to identify examples of faith, beliefs, and gender roles in this part of the world. Examples might include holidays, educational practice, marriage traditions, food preparation, literature, art, and music.

Preparation During Travel

I have ordered two of the recommended books and will research our school databases to see what is easily available for MCPS students to access. Then I will try to supplement with personal experience, knowledge, and examples gleaned from this trip.