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Find inspiration for bringing your travel experiences back into your classroom by searching below!

Welcome to GEEO’s global lesson plan database! GEEO asks each educator traveling with us to create a “Classroom Action Plan” for how they will share their international experience with their students upon their return to the classroom. Sometimes this is a single daily lesson plan and other times it’s a program that stretches throughout the school year. We’ve found that GEEO teachers are some of the most creative and innovative educators out there when it comes to infusing global citizenship education into their regular curriculum. Use the search function below for inspiration from our past participants that will help you teach your students to become globally competent, compassionate, and innovative future leaders.

We recommend being flexible with your search. Only search using one or two categories below. Although a Classroom Action Plan may be categorized in middle school science, you might be inspired to revamp it for your high school math class. Be flexible, get creative, and start exploring our Classroom Action Plans!

Do you have a globally themed lesson plan idea that we should add to our database? Feel free to send it to travel@geeo.org. If you are traveling with us, we’ll send you information on how to submit your Classroom Action Plan as your trip date approaches. You’re welcome to use this database as inspiration when creating your own plan.