Ed currently works for Brown University’s Bootstrap program that integrates Computer Science into Core Content areas like Math and Science. He was a software programmer in the Bay Area for 3 years before becoming a teacher. He has taught high school math and computer science for over 15 years in Central California. While in the classroom, Ed created an innovative math learning space that allowed his students to express themselves, present, and teach their peers in a multitude of ways.

Committed to eradicating math anxiety by bringing more visible thinking, creativity, and fun to math classrooms, Ed has made it his mission is to treat the math trauma that has plagued our educational system.

Ed has traveled with GEEO on four different trips and those experiences have had a large impact on his career in education. “I’ve been able to travel all over the world because of my education and encourage my students and colleagues to do the same. I try and use as much technology available to encourage my students to become better Global Digital Citizens. I know that getting students to think globally is a huge part of their vision for their future and I’m excited about the global nature and possibilities that current technology makes possible.”