GEEO is absolutely wonderful! After taking my first trip with them to Ireland, I would recommend them to anyone and will certainly be traveling with GEEO in the future. The experience was absolutely fantastic! The professional yet personal service provided by the GEEO team, the tour itself with partner G-Adventures (phenomenal tour company, btw), and the connections made with other teachers on the trip made for an incredible experience. Also, the way the trip is set up, you are able to learn so much more about the area than if you were to simply plan your own trip. (And why hassle with all that planning when it’s already done for you at a great price?) When I returned to the classroom, I had fellow teachers ask me how I learned so much on a 10-day trip, and my students love hearing about the trip and are much more engaged in lessons when I “sneak” in something from my Ireland GEEO trip. I was able to build a entirely new Myths, Legends, and Tales unit for my Reading class based on Irish myths and legends, and reinforced my Earth Science unit with what I’d learned while visiting the Cliffs of Moher and other sites. My students love it and are always curious to know more. Sharing my experience inspires them to learn about other cultures, encourages them to explore and to be compassionate global citizens. It’s also an added bonus that you receive professional development credit – this is how PD for teachers should be all the time! Plus, the connections you make with fellow teachers is priceless. Thank you GEEO for making travel for teachers not only possible, but an enriching experience!