Contributor :

Anne Semrau

Action Plan

Talk with locals whenever possible about traditional foods, food production practices and health concerns. Eat traditional foods as much as possible. Take photos of landscapes, farms, restaurants and kitchens to use in presentations.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I am a biology teacher and I would like to use my travels to connect my students to world landscapes (biomes), to understand the factors that have shaped these landscapes, and in turn, how the biology of an area shapes people and cultures (especially food and agriculture). I will use my experiences and pictures to develop presentations and activities for the students. In my nutrition class, we will look at how the climate and agriculture of different areas affects food availability and preferences and then, how this affects health. In my environmental science class, we will examine the factors that have shaped these different landscapes and how people and other living creatures have adapted to them.

Preparation During Travel

I plan on conducting preliminary research on the biomes, agriculture, foods and health concerns in the different countries.