Various Language Arts Ideas

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Kristin Santo

Action Plan

Journal, take lots of pictures and videos

Pre-Departure Preparation

As a Language Arts teacher, I plan to share my experience with my students through writings, pictures, and videos to model different ways you can present information and experiences. The whole 7th grade (145 students) are embarking on a Capstone project that revolves around the topic of inclusion--I plan to use my own experiences during the trip to show them what inclusion (and possibly exclusion) looks and feels like to me and by using the history and current situation in Jordan as an example of inclusion (Syrian refugees, etc.). I also plan to use excerpts from "Petra: The Concealed Rose" to model Ekphrastic poetry. My photos and notes of ancient sites will also be used by the 6th and 8th grade history teams. 6th grade focuses on ancient civilizations; 8th grade is a global perspectives course.

Preparation During Travel

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