Various Jordanian Themed Lesson Ideas

Contributor :

Rhett Oldham

Action Plan

I want to contact educators in the area and develop a dialogue to start Global Collaborations with my students. I have two schools in Amman that I have sent emails to and I am waiting for responses.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I am a World History teacher and the great thing about this trip is I will be able to incorporate so many aspects of Jordan into my classroom. -Jordan is located in the area of Ancient Mesopotamia. -Jordan has great Roman Ruins and I will definitely examining Rome's impact on the region. -Jordan borders both the Red Sea and the Dead Sea. The story of Moses I teach in my class. -The more authentic examples I can get concerning Islamic history, the better. I have been to Morocco so that is one perspective and Jordan will now be another. -Teaching the Crusades is always interesting but having the story from the Muslim side makes it a more balanced lesson.

Preparation During Travel

Ongoing research on Jordan. Already downloaded Triposa and looking at that. Also, bought Lonely Planet guide to Jordan.