Various Elementary Activities

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Jill Carter

Action Plan

I will need to take pictures of videos of architecture, transportation, and animals. I will also be collecting artifacts for a culture kit, as well as keeping a travel journal during the trip.

Pre-Departure Preparation

As a 1st grade teacher I would like to show my students how people in India and Nepal have altered their environments to suit their needs and culture. I will be taking photos and videos of the architecture and the transportation to show students how people use the environment to create architecture, but are also limited by the environment when choosing the best types of transportation. If it is possible to see animals while traveling, I would like to take photos and videos and then use these to have my students compare the reality of India to that of the movie The Jungle Book. We will then explore this further by asking what the animals in the movie do that real animals in India do not.

Preparation During Travel

I will research the types of architecture, cultures, and animals that may be possible to encounter on the trip we are taking.