Various Classroom Activities

Contributor :

Lea Marinelli

Action Plan

I would like to find time to survey local Moroccans regarding their sense of nationalism. I speak French so I hope to also improve my language skills and connect with local citizen. I am also interested in improving my Arabic skills, if time permits I would like to enroll in a conversation class or also have conversations with locals regarding their culture and sense of nationalism. I would also like to visit historical sites that have colonial significance.

Pre-Departure Preparation

In the province of Alberta our grade 12 social studies students focus on the extent to which Liberalism is embraced. I would like to create a comparative study of the Canadian and Moroccan structures of government for my grade 12 classes. In grade 11 social studies we focus on Nationalism. I would like to explore symbols and cultural elements of Nationalism Morocco while on the study tour. When I return to my classroom I intend to share my experiences with my students.My grade 10 level social studies students focus on the theme of globalization. To that end, I would like to investigate the historical legacies of colonization and the impacts of the various empires that ruled over what is now Morocco. I hope to share my research with my students and incorporate Morocco as an additional case study for our exploration of historical globalization.

Preparation During Travel

I will research the government, nationalism and historical globalization of Morocco prior to departure.