Contributor :

Andrew Hartman

Action Plan

be prepared to interview individuals on the spot which means having questions easily accessible. Plan ahead based on itinerary for down time when interviews could potentially be conducted. Bring voltage and current converters so that all AV equipment stays fully charged and ready to be used at any given moment. Gather supplies to bring back to the states for lessons when the opportunity presents itself.

Pre-Departure Preparation

Preparation During Travel

Gather basic materials and information from colleagues and students to design potential interview questions for Indians that I meet on my travels. Check out AV digital cameras, supplies, and the like from high school media department. Perform basic research on culture, history, and society of India to incorporate major cultural, historical, and social elements into questions. Determine potential questions and information that Indians might ask about Americans by doing some basic research on contemporary politics in India and their relationship to the United States economically, culturally, and politically.