Various Activities for a Special Education Classroom

Contributor :

Kim Goldsmith

Action Plan

I will conduct short interviews of local people that I capture on video. On April 16, I hope to be able to wake up early and video chat live with the social studies class back at school. I will also take pictures of art and architecture and look for books translated into English containing local folklore or stories.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I am a special education teacher and teach math and ELA in my room and am partnering with our 6th grade history teacher to do joint lessons related to this trip. Students will be generating questions in the categories of Ancient/Beginnings, Culture, and Current Issues. Prior to departure, student will generate questions. I will document answers to their questions along the way through pictures and video to use in a project upon return. I will also develop a unit related to geometry and Islamic art and architecture for my math class and used children's literature I find for a unit in language arts. I also teach a social leisure class and hope to find local games to use upon return.

Preparation During Travel

I will gather questions from students that I will take with me to answer during the trip.