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Tajaun Hall

Action Plan

During my trip/journey, I will document images/videos of the temples, historical sites, rituals/customs of the people of India/Nepal in a respectful manner. I will examine and gather resources/crafts/literature that represent the social, culture, and religious aspects of India/Nepal. In addition, I will gather resources on the music and how the people of India/Nepal express themselves culturally in order to give my students a rich understanding of ancient and modern day India/Nepal.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I am a Language Arts and History teacher and I would like to teach the students about the culture, religions, and history of India/Nepal. I would like to infuse hands-on life experiences in my lessons on World Religions and Ancient India. Therefore, students will be exposed to images and videos from our trip and apply it to our unit on World Religions and Ancient India. We will create projects and conduct group discussions around the topics especially when we explore Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam. We will compare and contrast aspects of ancient and modern day India as well as their rituals and Music. Lastly, students will present, recognize, and honor aspect of India's cultures/traditions in our society and culture (USA).

Preparation During Travel

I will examine and explore the daily lives of people in India/Nepal as well as their religions, culture, and rituals.I will conduct additional research on the temples, historical sites, and customs/rituals to give students a board understanding on the social and cultural aspects of their society. In addition, I will document images and video clips to create an interactive and vivid representation of the people of India/Nepal.