Contributor :

Greenlee Naughton

Action Plan

I will need to write throughout my trip, taking notes on dialogue/conversations, and the various settings so that I can recreate these experiences in words. I plan to take “rough notes” as things are happening, and then I will transcribe these rough notes, adding additional details and context. I will also take many pictures of the events, people, animals, settings, etc., that I am describing so that I can show my students how important specific word choice is in recreating something that others have not experienced.

Pre-Departure Preparation

Writing is the major focus of my English grade 10 curriculum, as well as my Freshman (College) Composition courses. As a follow up to their summer assignment of reading A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson, I'd like to have them complete a travelogue entry for their personal blogs that they keep throughout their year in my classroom. I will use my trip to Madagascar as a model to show my students the elements that make up a successful travelogue entry.

Preparation During Travel

I will research the characteristics of excellent travel writing and condense these into tips that I can use for both my 10th graders and college freshmen. I will also continue to look for excellent travelogues of various lengths so that my students can annotate and analyze them as their first step in understanding what a travelogue is.