The Science of the Nile River

Contributor :

Kim Jones

Action Plan

Much of what is scheduled through GEEO will help me gather information to use in my core classes, or to share with my colleagues. I want to explore modern art in Egypt as well as the antiquities so that I can share with my students how a culture that has lasted as long as Egypt changes.
I will interact in local food markets as much as possible. I plan to visit markets and stores to learn about different types of food, food preparation, and food availability to different classes of people.

Pre-Departure Preparation

As a teacher in the Environmental STEAM magnet with a focus on water and rivers, I am interested in seeing the Nile and learning about native and invasive species in and around the Nile. I want to learn about the Nile watershed, and learn more about the Nile's flood patterns and see how, over time, Egyptians have addressed the flooding. Also, ancient Egypt is a topic for 6th grade history, so I want to gather information, photos, and stories to share with my colleagues, and also to connect my science classes with the history classes. I'd like to explore how to connect math, science, English, and history to align with the Egypt unit. Also, I'd like to explore the food culture so that i can share what I learn with my students in my food class.

Preparation During Travel

I am reading about Egyptian mythology as well as fiction and nonfiction about the region. I've reached out to friends who have traveled to Egypt to ask their advice about what to read to prepare for the trip. I have met with the history teachers in sixth grade to find out what they'd like me to share with them.