Contributor :

Thomas Holiday

Action Plan

Walking around I will be prepared to capture on my camera many murals. I also plan on asking our local guides for information to locate murals and also if there is a history behind any of them.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I plan on having my students experience in pictures the amazing street art in Santiago and Valparaiso. We have many murals here in Tucson that reflect our desert environment and diverse cultures. I want my students to examine both murals from their hometown and those I share from South America. We will then create our own "mural" as an actual one painted on the wall of the School, or create large posters that reflect ideas, beliefs and cultures important to my students.

Preparation During Travel

Making sure I'm ready with my camera to get good pictures of murals from the different cities we visit. I plan on doing some research before to make sure I can find them.