Sri Lankan Elephants and Climate Changes Impact on the Maldives

Contributor :

Maria Ives

Action Plan

I plan to document what I see by taking photographs and videos. I will also speak to keepers(if possible) at the elephant transit home and locals in the Maldives.

Pre-Departure Preparation

The focus of my experience will be to create lessons for my environmental problems unit. So while in Sri Lanka I will focus on the endangered Sri Lankan elephant and how the orphaned elephants are rehabilitated to be released back into the wild. While in the Maldives, I plan to focus my attention on the health of the coral reefs and how climate change is impacting the islands.

Preparation During Travel

I will continue to do research on the plight of the Sri Lankan elephant as well as how the government of the Maldives is working to combat the rising sea levels due to climate change.