Spread of Islam to Europe

Contributor :

Irene McMahon

Action Plan

I will keep a journal so that after historical tours, I can keep notes of what I’ve learned. I will obviously take a lot of photos to share with students as well. I will ask guides questions to further my knowledge as well. And, I’ll keep all of the literature I get from museums, etc..

Pre-Departure Preparation

My freshmen students learn about the development and expansion of the Islamic Empire from the 7th century onward. I have been wanting to travel to Cordoba and Granada especially to further my knowledge on the topic of how Islam spread to Europe from Northern Africa. I think after studying the faith of Islam, and after completing maps detailing the spread of the empire, we will read about and investigate how the different faiths of Islam, Christianity and Judaism coexisted in Moorish Spain. Students will learn about how tolerance and intolerance between these faiths developed.

Preparation During Travel

I have been reading one of the suggested books, Ornament of the World from the GEEO list of texts. I hope to finish this and then read another book either before departure or while traveling.