Spain and the New World

Contributor :

Christopher Pae

Action Plan

I will go to the sites in Alcazar and read up on any information they have on the meetings between Columbus and the royals. I want to see if any of the museums actually talk about the Spanish American War as well because the war was mostly in the Caribbean..

Pre-Departure Preparation

I am a US History teacher and for my AP US History students, I will probably share with them the history of Spain with the United States. I will talk about how Spain has affected the United States. Most of the conversation will be centered on Christopher Columbus' voyages to the New World and how he talked to Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand before his voyage in 1492 by discussing motivations of the Spanish to investigate the New World. I already incorporate these motivations in my classroom and a primary source of Columbus that he wrote about the New World so we'll probably discuss this in class and it'll give them a better connection to how Europe started their exploring and conquests in the New World. I will also connect that to Spanish American War and how Spain lost their last holdings in the Western Hemisphere 400 years later and ask them to compare/contrast the situations in the late 1400s to the late 1800s (exploring/conquering vs. imperialism).

Preparation During Travel

I will continue to read up on where Columbus and the royal monarchs of Spain met and how they conducted their talks before the 1492 voyages. I will read up on Spain's condition and status with their last colonies before the Spanish American War as well.