Reinforcing Classic Studies Materials

Contributor :

Megan Meulenbroeks

Action Plan

Take lots of photos! I may need to go out of my way to see everything I plan to at times

Pre-Departure Preparation

We have been learning about Democracy in Social Studies this year. As I am visiting the birthplace of Democracy I plan to visit the Pynx hill and record photos and information to share with my classes. I would also use photos and information from other areas of the trip to encourage these junior students to consider Classical Studies as an option when they reach the senior school. In future years I will have Classical Studies students to share photos and first hand information with as Ancient Greek Art and Architecture is a major part of the Year 12 Classical Studies programme.

Preparation During Travel

Not particularly, I studied Classics at school and university so I know what I am looking out for. I have done a lot of research into each place we are visiting and am arriving in Athens a few days early so I am confident I will see everything I would like to! I just need to make sure I bring enough memory cards for my camera...