Contributor :

Haley Kenville

Action Plan

I will visit WWII and Cold War history museums while on my trip. I will ask locals what their education on these time periods was like. I will take lots of pictures, and collect texts/artifacts to share with my students and teammates.

Pre-Departure Preparation

For my US History classes, I will be studying and documenting the way the places in this region reconcile with the grim aspects of their pasts. I plan to visit museums and monuments that detail the region’s Nazi and Soviet occupations. I will collect a select few classroom texts and/or artifacts and take lots of photos. I will converse with locals when possible, taking notes on the conversations I have, to gather information about the way people in this region are educated about their history. My goal is to bring my experiences back to my teaching partner, and use what I've gathered to improve the way our course covers the history of slavery in the United States. My English classes cover the Holocaust. The experiences I have and the photos I take while visiting Auschwitz-Birkenau will be invaluable for this unit, and I will be sharing my notes and photos with the rest of the 8th grade English team.

Preparation During Travel

I will research the Nazi and Soviet occupations of the region. I will identify which museums to visit ahead of time.