Peruvian Music

Contributor :

Michael Knepper

Action Plan

In Peru, I plan to schedule opportunities to observe and participate in music activities I hope to discover community music and research how participants learn and enjoy music making. Second, I want to interview locals and study what types of popular music around the world appeals to them. Furthermore, I plan to keep record of my data and write about my experiences for music students in the future.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I teach secondary instrumental music and direct many large school-based ensembles. My goals are to learn Peruvian cultural music and give it an authentic place in my classroom. With this in mind, I plan to use my cultural experience to reach a larger percentage of student body and give disadvantaged students opportunities in music-making. Perhaps infusing cultural music with traditional methods will unlock my students' creativity and give them a relevant music making experience that they can use into and throughout their adulthood. I believe the ideal music program needs to embrace all cultural styles of music that allow teachers to explore new ideas; therefore, my plan is to learn from every musicking experience I have in Peru. Moreover, I want to learn about the participatory performance aspects of Peruvian music and gain the knowledge to share its heritage, instruments, and social aspects to my students and community.

Preparation During Travel