Perspectives on a Totalitarian Past

Contributor :

Lindsay Miller

Action Plan

I will collect photographs, anecdotes, and other materials as artifacts to post to the class website.

Pre-Departure Preparation

First, through documenting my journey and experiences, I would collect resources, stories, and knowledge about totalitarian pasts in the places I visit. These would enable me to enrich the pool of material I can draw upon to construct units on 20th Century History. I would also provide these materials to students through a website record of my journey. Second, through observing how the countries of Eastern Europe remember these time periods, I can gain insights into their perspectives on the past. These nations became independent democracies but maintain museums and memorials to their totalitarian histories. I can study how they present their past to visitors and new generations to see how they interpret its significance.

Preparation During Travel

I will compile a list of optional sites to visit related to my goals.