Morocco at the Crossroads of Cultures

Contributor :

Elizabeth Wells

Action Plan

Nothing specific other than to take advantage of every opportunity I can to really understand the history and traditions that have existed in Morocco.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I teach 9th grade world history and hope to use the information I learn on this trip to discuss how at different times Morocco has been a crossroads for various different cultures, Roman Empire, Rise & Spread of Islam, Trans-Saharan Trade Networks, WWII etc. I hope to incorporate visuals and stories about my experience into my lesson plans to help students to connect with a part of the world that they are not familiar with. At a future time there is also hopes of having elective history classes on either African History or also Islam.

Preparation During Travel

I intend to read more about the history of Morocco and the different political, economic and social traditions that exist and have existed in Morocco.