Moroccan Lifestyle and Diet

Contributor :

Christine Kean

Action Plan

I will need to know what I am eating (ie. take pictures of food/menus) and what is being offered for meals in different parts of the country. I will observe the people and notice if they are moving their bodies and being physical in nature, whether it be games/dancing or physical labor. I will observe the body types/sizes and notice if there is an obesity epidemic or if there doesn’t seem to be this problem in Morocco.

Pre-Departure Preparation

As a K-8 health and physical education teacher, I would like to be able to learn more about the lifestyle factors of the Moroccan people and how these impact their overall health and wellness. I am interested to find out about the dietary habits and levels of physical activity as we travel the country and compare and contrast to the American population. Perhaps I can learn a new game to bring back to my students if we happen to see children on this trip.

Preparation During Travel

I can research information about Moroccan foods and see if I can find any sports and/or physical activities that are popular in the country.