Minoan Art and Elgin’s Marbles

Contributor :

Kristen Ferguson

Action Plan

I will take advantage of any museums and archeological sites and hopefully connect with locals that can share their knowledge about the Minoans as well as their own experiences living among the ruins of this magnificent culture.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I teach Art History and I am interested in helping my students see the influence of the Minoan culture on other surrounding cultures (namely Egyptian and Etruscan). I plan to take pictures that I can utilize in my lecture slide presentations. I also plan to keep a video diary of my impressions of Knossos and any other Minoan sites. These videos will be shared with my students and encourage them to make their own responses. In addition, I would like to study the Greek response to the battle for the Elgin marbles currently housed at the British Museum. I plan on informally chatting with locals to hear what they think about this controversy.

Preparation During Travel

I will research the Minoans' culture, architecture and art as well as familiarize myself with their religious and social practices.