Learn About Islam

Contributor :

Heather Menzel

Action Plan

I will speak to locals about their religion and culture. I will schedule a tour of Hassan II (I don’t think I am allowed in any other mosques). I will take lots of pictures and videos in all of the locations. I will try to meet a teacher–I have already contacted one online–to see about class penpals.

Pre-Departure Preparation

Our World History class includes a unit on world religions, and I need to enhance my lessons about Islam. I would like to speak to people on the trip and ask them, questions about their religion; possibly (with their permission) on video. I plan to gather materials (photos, interviews, clothing, and artifacts) to help students understand "typical" religious life. If the opportunity arises, I would like to meet a teacher willing to participate in a letter exchange between our students.

Preparation During Travel

I need to read more about the Hassan II mosque, plan for the types of artifacts that would be most useful to my students