Contributor :

Catherine Brenner

Action Plan

I will search out lots of art while traveling in Ireland and take TONS of pictures to share with my students when I return. I will spend one of my free afternoons looking for art museums to visit or sculptures to see and photograph.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I am an art teacher and I would like to do different Irish art projects with my different age level groups. For example, I plan on doing Puffy Paint Leprechauns with my PreK kiddos & St. Patrick's Day Hand Print Four Leaf Clovers. I plan on making Paper Strip Four Leaf Clovers with my 5th & 6th graders. I will make Celtic Knot Paintings of my 7th grade student's initials. And lastly, Ceramic Celtic Crosses with my 8th grade students. I will display all Irish projects at our end of the year Fine Arts Night.

Preparation During Travel

I will research even more Irish art projects I might like to try with my students that connect specifically to my trip. Also, Irish art I might want to keep an eye out for on our trip!