Indonesian Literature

Contributor :

Stacey Kartub

Action Plan

I will seek out information about literature or classic Indonesian stories by speaking with locals. Finding a bookstore or library may prove difficult given the region, but any availability of children’s books also will help me to begin to learn about traditional stories. I will learn more about the different cultural influences in Indonesia that may influence literature.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I teach ESL, composition, and literature courses. We focus on short stories and literary analysis - by discussing the familiar archetypes that appear in literature, our discussions are enriched by making comparisons between the traditional British and American stories and those from my students' home countries. Many of my students are Muslim and are able to use the rich tradition of story telling to connect to our discussions. My experiences in Bali and Lombok will help me to deepen my understanding of the culture, literature, and religion of this region. I would like to find examples of at least three different examples of Indonesian literature that I am able to share with my students. They will then make comparisons between these stories and contemporary ones using concepts about theme, tone, plot, and universal experience.

Preparation During Travel

I will research some literary traditions within Indonesia and become familiar with some important authors in the culture.