Indian Ceramic Techniques

Contributor :

Kathleen Mulholland

Action Plan

I will be sure to visit and photograph several textiles that a part of historic sights and ask locals in the villages we are visiting about how they approach, implement and create their artwork. If possible, I will photograph the process of either Batik or ceramics (tiles or bowls) to show my students.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I am a studio Art and ceramic teachers so I will create a unit based northern Indian ceramic pottery around a specific time period and have the students recreate a piece of ceramics with similar glazing techniques, chosen decorative patterns and functionality. Glazing techniques in terms of temperatures and types of kilns will be discussed but difficult to replicate. For studio art a lesson will be designed and planned around two different arts/crafts: batik and folk drawing with ink. Again, this will be region specific and materials will be replicated just as they use today.

Preparation During Travel

I will need to research the specific patterns associated with the region for both ceramics and 2D visuals.