Imperialism in Sri Lanka

Contributor :

Florence Baker

Action Plan

While traveling Sri Lanka I will be gathering information and acquiring books and artifacts related to my lesson plan, as well as taking relevant photographs that will be included in a powerpoint presentation to accompany my lecture.

Pre-Departure Preparation

As a Community College History professor I teach survey courses dealing with World History, World Religions and British History, so most of my classes will benefit from the knowledge and experience of Sri Lanka that I will acquire during our tour. I do, however, have a specific lesson plan related to my Modern Civilizations class. I will be revising my lecture on European expansion in the East by focusing on Sri Lanka as an example of Portuguese, Dutch and English empire building and its impact on local populations and lands. Students will analyze images and artifacts related to European regional and global trade interests in Sri Lanka as well as the colonial experience and its legacy from the perspective of both Europeans and the Sri Lankan people.

Preparation During Travel

I will research the history of Sri Lanka and the significant sites that will be visited during our tour.