Impact of EU on European Culture

Contributor :

Lisa Sanders

Action Plan

I will prepare questions to ask at museum regarding the cultural impacts of their art as well as questions to ask local artists when we are visiting museums and art galleries to gain more insight into their culture.

Pre-Departure Preparation

In Human Geography, I discuss the role of culture in a society which includes language, religion, dances, foods, etc. I will incorporate information I learn from my travels into my classroom to provide students with examples of cultures around the world as well as the impact being a member of the European Union has had on the countries I am visiting, their cultures and their interactions with other countries both in Europe and around the world.

Preparation During Travel

I will be research the museums to visit to prepare myself for my investigation of the cultures of France and Rome as well as the historical significance of these cultures - especially in the development of art and literature around the world (from Renaissance time to modern times).