Contributor :

Emily Donahue

Action Plan

I will need to purchase or collect a variety of maps of Iceland, as well as take detailed notes about which photographs match each location.

Pre-Departure Preparation

In third grade, we teach map reading skills. Currently, I only use maps of Massachusetts and the US when teaching. My plan is to collect a variety of maps while in Iceland that demonstrate different map reading skills like geography, transit, agriculture, industry, and population. A theme for this unit is "Where you live determines how you live." So, someone living in a city will have a different experience than someone in a rural area. Adding the maps of Iceland to this unit will bring a global perspective of how people live in a different country with vastly different natural resources than the US. Additionally, I will take photographs of the different cities we visit to give a more 3-dimensional view of what an area of the country looks like.

Preparation During Travel

I will research the population and geography of each of the cities to make sure that they will provide a variety of life experiences to show to the students.