Contributor :

Shawn McCarty

Action Plan

I will visit many of the famous pieces that we have seen in social studies books, including; The Last Supper, David, Mona Lisa, etc. I will take plenty of pictures, video, and animations to share this experience with my students and fellow teachers.

Pre-Departure Preparation

Next year I will be teaching the sixth-grade, all subjects. I plan to bring Geeo into our classroom with Art education and experiences. I will document our adventures throughout Europe to explore famous artists, their work, and lives. I will create a Project Based Learning unit that will examine 4-8 different artists. It will have students exploring their work, learning about their place in history, and creating a portfolio that each student will make of their attempts to mimic the famous pieces of art from each artist. hey will create a virtual portfolio of their progress and final pieces of art. My slideshow will be shared as well as a sample portfolio for all to see.

Preparation During Travel

I will research several artists who we are likely to encounter along our journey.