Evolution and Climate Change Examples From Galapagos

Contributor :

Christy J Davis

Action Plan

I will visit the Charles Darwin Research center and engage in many nature excursions during the trip to see the living examples of evolution – how life has changed over time. I will learn about the challenges that local islanders are experiencing in regards to climate change from our visits into villages and on tours in which they operate.

Pre-Departure Preparation

The 8th grade science curriculum includes units on climate change and natural selection. These are two abstract concepts to middle school children in Kentucky and not easily observed in the classroom. I hope to bring real world examples of climate change by visiting an island chain and learning about their unique challenges in this global crisis. Additionally, I hope to bring the many examples of natural selection made famous by Charles Darwin into my classroom during our evolution unit. The students often feel these discoveries were so long ago and not relevant today. I believe that my experiences, photos, and knowledge gained on this trip will draw my students into the learning process further than before.

Preparation During Travel

I will research the area's culture, climate, history, and unique differences in flora and fauna between the Galapagos Islands.