Environmental Adaptation for Kindergarten

Contributor :

Katie Alexander

Action Plan

I will take tons of photos and videos of the animals to share with my students! I will also take notes about the animals and habitats while visiting research centers and while listening to tour guides.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I am a kindergarten teacher and our Social Studies theme for the year is about migration. Our essential questions are, "What do animals need to survive?" and, "How do animals adapt when they can't get what they need?" This trip is the perfect extension to our studies. I plan to integrate what I learn about the animals of the Galapagos into our study of animals and their habitats/adaptations. I will teach my students what I learn about the animals and habitats of the Galapagos, focusing on how these animals have adapted to their environment and what they need to survive in the Galapagos. I plan to use personal stories, photos, and videos from my trip to enhance these lessons.

Preparation During Travel

I have already created a list of animals I anticipate seeing while on the trip. I will do a little research about their habitats before I leave as well.