Enrich Lessons on Ancient Greece

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Magic Mapp

Action Plan

I will visit the National Archeological Museum and Acropolis Museum during our visit to Athens. I will speak to locals in the areas I am visiting and/or schedule a tour with an official tour guide in the area.

Pre-Departure Preparation

Within the 3rd grade curriculum, I have taught students the history of Ancient Greece and many famous greek myths. Greek Mythology is a focus during our study on Fables and Myths unit. I have done in depth lessons on the history of the city states, Greek pottery and the themes behind some Greek myths. I would like to enrich these lessons with more authentic information which I will gather during my visit to Greece. Students will do a Readers Theater performance of some of the most famous Greek myths in Greek mythology.

Preparation During Travel

I will make a note of the various locations on the trip itinerary, so I can record relevant information during those visits. Some of the locations on the visit were ancient city-states. I will research the different art pieces important to the history of Greece.